Someone made a hilarious Internet Explorer headstone

In a strange reversal of parent and child roles, I recently added my mother to my Netflix account. After ending her last relationship, she had no means of watching her stories, and I had to step up to the plate. As I scrubbed her ex's data from my mother's Roku box, I saw that he used an AOL email account. "Who even has one of those anymore?" I asked my mom. After we finished laughing, I saw the news that Internet Explorer was gearing up to go belly up the next day. And then I asked her the question all over again.

In the post linked above, someone else found humor in Internet Explorer's recent demise. A South Korean man with a career in software engineering named Jung Ki-young built a headstone for the famously archaic web browser. You can check out the entire story by clicking the arrows bordering each image on the Instagram post linked above.