Street Fighter 6 might change fighting games forever

Street Fighter has one of the most challenging jobs of any franchise in video games. As the flagship series in the world of fighting games, Street Fighter has amassed decades of hardcore fans obsessed with inspecting the granular levels of the game's engine. Conversely, the series has alienated casuals by catering to hardcore fans with its staggeringly complex gameplay. Street Fighter V struggled at launch with a system that rewarded players focused on the fundamentals but shunned casuals with its lack of features. 

Looking to rectify their mistake, Street Fighter 6 instantly looks more polished than its predecessor and boasts copious game modes outside of one on one play. However, the big question in the minds of casuals and hardcore fans alike was, "how does the game actually play?" In a video from Maximilian Dood's YouTube page, you can watch the gorgeously designed Street Fighter 6 in glorious 4k 60fps. Judging by the realistic graphics and new game mechanics, Street Fighter 6 could be the most popular entry in the franchise's long history.