King of the Hill meets Junji Ito in a crazy crossover

Mike Judge has been on a bit of a tear recently. A few weeks ago, Paramount + released a new trailer for Bevis and Butt-head Do the Universe that looked to carry on the show's unparalleled penchant to marry both vulgar and high-brow humor. The streaming network is also putting the finishing touches on a Daria spinoff starring Jodie. Not content to have two revivals of beloved 90s cartoons under his belt, Judge revealed that King of the Hill reboot was in development several months ago. The man's success is supernatural.  

Keeping in line with Mike Judge's creations and the supernatural, a Twitter artist named Woodrow White released a fan manga that merges the unsettling world of Junji Ito and Arlen's favorite son, Hank Hill. The comic feels like the perfect synthesis of both works that can act as the ideal appetizer for King of the Hill's upcoming revival series.