Light up your life organically with the PyroDinos GrowPro System

Did you know that 70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean, specifically tiny plant-like plankton called Pyrocystis? Well, what if you can grow those tiny Pyrocystis in your own home and enjoy the benefits? Now, that's a possibility, thanks to PyroFarms. For several years, the citizen scientists at PyroFarms have been growing dinoflagellates Pyrocystis. Their mission is to "bring nature's natural wonder, beauty, and glow into the home, office, and classroom." 

If you have a curious mind for science or nature and want to make the world a greener place, then the GroPro System is a great place to start. The GroPro System is designed for culture expansion and allows you to grow an ecosystem of bioluminescent marine plankton, known as PyroDinos. PyroDinos are single-cell living algae and, similar to a plant, require daily indirect sunlight and feeding through DinoNutrients, which are filtered, purified seawater with added nutrients. 

The GroPro System provides detailed instructions with two GroPro flasks with vented caps, one pouch of PyroDino spout, and one pouch of DinoNutrients, basically everything you need to grow and maintain healthy PyroDinos. You can feed the PyroDinos weekly during the day and watch them majestically light up and multiply at night when gently shaking your flask. 

Regarding benefits, PyroDinos can be added to a saltwater aquarium or reef system and are also a unique way to produce clean oxygen in your environment.

You can use the GroPro system for educational classroom experiments or even gift it to family and friends. As expressed by this happy customer, the GroPro System is "Easy to assemble and the lights grew brighter over time." This is truly a remarkable and fun way to experience the wonders of marine biology

With a five-star rating, the GroPro System allows you to open your mind and home to the world of PyroDinos, and it's on sale for $59.99. 

Prices subject to change.