Ohio State University owns the word "THE" after battle with Marc Jacobs

The word "the" is about as dull as they come. Until, that is, someone else wants it. Suddenly it becomes the most coveted of all the 171,000-plus words in the English language. At least that's how it was for The Ohio State University and fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who battled over the trademark of the word "THE" like toddlers fighting over the faded handle of a broken shovel in a sandbox full of otherwise colorful toys.

Both the university and the clothing company have been fighting over "THE" since 2019 — both wanted to prominently display the definite article on their own articles of clothing. And, although Jacobs filed for the trademark first, the university — which has formally called itself The Ohio State University since 1878 to stand out from other Ohio schools — won the trademark based on the fact that they have been using the word on their shirts, hats, and other apparel since 2005.

But, rather than pick up their toys and go home, the good sports, according to NBC4i, "worked to resolve their dispute so both could claim use of the word on their products."

If only all of the world's crises could be this silly, and work out so amicably.