The Obi-Wan finale was pretty much perfect

I was absolutely thrilled at the conclusion of the final episode of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi. After the massive disappointments of their last mini-series, I was super concerned Kenobi would fall apart, and Disney managed to keep that suspense through Episode 5, right up to the finale where they just nailed it.

All the storylines came together as perfectly as you could hope. Folks concerned with canon are given room to do their thing; fans who watch for the inconsistencies have a whole disappearing Star Destroyer to discuss; but folks who love fan service just got a giant, wonderful bounty.

As we expected, Obi-Wan figures his shit out, is still the guy who cut off Vader's legs and left him to roast, and has a beaming smile. The lightsaber battle was as epic as promised. I loved the moment Obi-Wan changed from his defensive form to go on the attack.

One of the most important things this series confirmed for us is that Leia was always the most interesting character, and Luke is a bad climber. It seems clear which young Skywalker we ought to see having more adventures. Vivien Lyra Blair, who plays young Leia, did an amazing job.

The only loose ends all point to a second series, which I think will be wonderful. Obi-Wan and spirit Qui-Gon doing a Bing and Bob kinda thing could be fun.