Two months after New Jersey legalized weed, concern rises about cops smoking it

It's two months since New Jersey legalized recreational marijuana and there's rising controversy about cops using it, even during their off hours. Currently, officers are subject to random drug testing that currently includes a check for marijuana which can stay in the system for days or even weeks after its effects have worn off. Hunterdon County Sheriff Frederick W. Brown would prefer officers to be banned from using marijuana entirely. From WFMZ:

"The other side of that would be to remove marijuana as one of the [randomly] tested drugs, and then we wouldn't know, unless somebody was showing signs that they were under the influence," said Brown.

"All police have to undergo random drug testing, and it still covers marijuana. I would hate to have an officer get jammed up for doing something that the Attorney General said is okay, but on our part of it, it isn't okay."[…]

There are a few bills in the works to limit marijuana use among certain industries, including law enforcement, though none have completed the legislative process.

"It just needs to be straightened out," said Brown.