Video: Dad fights off gunman while holding baby in his arms

In the video above from Sunday, a man walks into a Detroit gas station shop and points a gun at another fellow with a baby in his arms. The man with the child uses his free hand to brush the gun aside and rushes to the back of the store. Meanwhile, the gunman walks outside, checks his weapon, and apparently walks away. After releasing the surveillance video, police quickly identified and arrested the suspect, reports the Detroit News.

From ClickOnDetroit:

"Fortunately, the gun didn't go off, it malfunctioned, and he was able to divert the gun and lock the door behind him," [Detroit Police Department Commander Michael] Chambers said.

Police say the two men got into an argument a few blocks away. The gunman followed the man and his baby to the gas station, and the father immediately rushed to protect himself and his little baby.