Long Island Library board bans all LBGTQ+ books from the children's section

Demonstrating a unique way to recognize Pride Month, a Long Island NY library board is banning books and pride displays from the children's sections of four libraries. Everyone not one of the 4 board members who voted for this seems outraged.

NBC New York:

The library's board of trustees voted 4-2 to remove all LGBTQ+ Pride displays from their four libraries.
But it doesn't end there, as any LGBTQ+ book is now banned from the children's rooms and must be placed elsewhere.

"Our LGBTQ youth are under attack," said Dr. David Kilmnick, the president and CEO of the New York LGBTQ Network. "This isn't Alabama or Florida or the bible belt — this is Long Island!"

Brianna Baker-Stines, the president of the library board, was similarly shocked and disappointed by the actions taken. She told NBC New York, "I was horrified by the display of ignorance at last night's Board meeting. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I recognize the importance of access to diverse materials."

Nassau County Legislator Arnold Drucker said "I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone."