Man fights off a charging crocodile with a frying pan

I don't like it when animals are hit, but this Australian lodge owner did what he could to keep his aggressive pet crocodile from attacking his guests. I doubt the alligator was injured, but getting smacked in the snout with a frying pan had to hurt.

The lesson here is to not keep an alligator as a pet.

From the YouTube description:

Shane Chambers, who recorded this video, told Storyful the tense moment between lodge owner Kai Hansen and his pet crocodile, named Casey, was because the animal was in their way. "We were leaving the island via helicopter and the croc was blocking the path," Chambers said. "[The owner] was worried about our safety, so he grabbed the frypan to shoo the croc away." The footage shows a man in red walking down the steps, frying pan in hand, toward the crocodile. As the crocodile begins to charge, he smacks it on the snout twice. The animal then scurries back to the water.