Pianist composes music to accompany animal yips, squeals, meows, and squacks

Please, I beg you, stop whatever you're doing, and go watch some of these videos of Kevon Carter, a comedian who also describes himself as a "husband, father, brother, musician, intercontinental champion of international psalms and spiritual songs."

He has been creating TikTok duets where he accompanies various animals on the piano while they "sing." He sets up the videos as if he and the animal are recording together, and his piano playing definitely elevates the natural talents of the animals.

Here he is accompanying a tiny puppy, a border collie, a German shepherd, some kind of poodle or poodle mix, a husky, a newborn lamb, a cat, and a cockatiel. They are all hilarious. I think my very favorite is the rooster video, though—"Look at that breath control!"