Elizabeth Warren: "We will make Roe alive again"

"Roe is dead," Elizabeth Warren said in an impassioned speech today at a Massachusetts rally. "And understand this," she warned, "It doesn't stop today with the opinion of Dobbs." (Video below.)

But never one to fall into despair, the 73-year-old Senator also stressed that she's ready for the fight.

"Clarence Thomas has already made clear he's coming after everybody else. He's coming after the LGBTQ community. He's coming after contraception. He is coming after anyone who doesn't live and doesn't look just like what Clarence Thomas thinks that the ideal American is supposed to live and look [like]," the Senator said. "But we've got news for Clarence Thomas: he doesn't get the last word."

She also pointed a finger at Mike Pence, who "waited about two seconds after this opinion came out to call for a national ban on abortion. … The forces that brought us to this day are continuing to gather…" she said, "and they will not rest until they ban abortion across this nation. This is the fight we are in."

But Warren, who refuses to cower when the going gets tough, said she is "angry and determined."

"We are aimed like a laser beam on the election in November," she said to cheers. "Make no mistake. Roe is on the ballot."

"The Supreme Court extremists do not get the last word," she said. "We are here because we will make Roe alive again."