How Nick Young became the "confused guy" meme

I love memes. In my phone's photo gallery, I have an album full of memes, divided by category, that I frequently use during texts. The only drawback to memes is how quickly they become irrelevant. The old days of memes like "Good Guy Greg" or "One does not simply walk into Mordor" lasting for years are over. Modern memes have the life span of an avocado. Even though I'm still youthful at heart, even I have trouble keeping up with the torrent of new memes that keep flooding my various social media apps. Consequently, when I find a meme with some staying power, I hold fast to it with both hands. 

In the video linked above, Buzzfeed sits down with NBA professional Nick Young and asks him about the origins of one of my favorite memes. If you're like me and didn't know the "confused guy" in the meme was already famous, the video might prompt you to make a face similar to the meme.