The trailer for Barbarian looks unsettling

We're in a golden age of modern horror. As much as I love the classic slasher films of yesteryear, the horror genre, in my opinion, has blossomed to its full potential. Films like It FollowsThe Babadook, and Hereditary are a few modern examples of horror movies weaving complex and cerebral narratives that elevate the genre beyond its exploitative cinematic roots. Even classics, like Suspiria, that seemed impossible to improve spawned remakes that have become essential viewing for diehard horror addicts. And while I wasn't personally thrilled with the IT remake, it's difficult to deny the artistry on display and the powerhouse performance of Bill Skarsgård.

In the trailer linked above, Skarsgård delves back into the world of horror with a terrifying trailer for his new film Barbarian. The trailer resembles another upcoming movie, Gone in the Night, but it wouldn't be the first time Hollywood released two similar films. In my opinion, Barbarian looks like the stronger offering of the two.