Watch Fist of the North Star's most popular catchphrase turn into song

Fist of the North Star doesn't get enough credit today. In the early to mid-80s, Kenshiro, Fist of the North Star's protagonist, became the template for shonen heroes. Sadly, most contemporary anime fans regard any series before Dragonball and Sailor Moon as too ancient to merit any interest. Even though Kenshiro may not be as popular as he once was, his signature catchphrase has become the most iconic remnant of Fist of the North Star's legacy. 

Clips of Kenshiro riddling a foe with punches and saying, "omae wa mu shinderiu" earn several millions of views on YouTube. The phrase – which translates to "you're already dead"- is one of the most popular anime memes around. Cashing in on the popularity, the YouTuber Yuri Wong decided to turn Kenshiro's catchphrase into a beat. Watching Wong turn the audio sample into a song from scratch is impressive, even if you're unfamiliar with Fist of the North Star