Check out these Japanese erasers that go bald as you use them

As we teeter towards a future that will render countless jobs obsolete, it's fascinating to note that work culture has become increasingly toxic in relation to working hours. Americans have long accepted working long hours as "par for the course" in the professional world while simultaneously battling several debilitating health problems due to their lifestyle. 

America might be a prime example of how toxic work culture can become, but Japan is still the gold standard for creating a dehumanizing work culture. Karoshi, the Japanese word for death from overwork, may have originated in the land of the rising sun, but the practice has spread across the planet. With karoshi killing around 10,000 Japanese people a year, some Japanese employees would be lucky if overwork only caused them to lose their hair.

It's almost as if Japanese artist, Ishikawa Kazuya, created the series of erasers that slowly go bald through usage featured above as a subversive commentary on Japanese work culture. In my opinion, the erasers are like the stationary equivalent of Aggretsuko, which also satirizes the debilitating nature of Japanese work culture. Or, ya know, they could also just be funny erasers. That's possible too.