Tax Avoiders might be one of the oddest games ever made

The Sega Genesis was the first game console I ever owned. At the time, a 16-bit console was the height of technology, and I was enamored with the "realistic" graphics. And then a curious thing happened; video games kept getting better. I had front row see to watch the gaming industry become more technologically adventurous with every console generation. When I purchased my copy of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, I couldn't imagine video games looking more realistic. Flash forward to today, and I practically need to pop anti-anxiety meds after a round of Call of Duty

Whenever I look back at the older era of video games, I try not to judge them for their graphical and technological limitations. However, some titles are so preposterously bad, even when measured against contemporaries, that I can't help but say, "what a piece of junk." Tax Avoiders for the Atari 2600 is one such game. At the time, video games were almost exclusively viewed as children's entertainment. Why anyone thought a game about ducking the tax man would appeal to kids is beyond me. Check out the bizarre game in the video linked above.