Trent Reznor talks to Fangoria about part 8 of "Twin Peaks: The Return"

For many David Lynch/Twin Peaks fans, there are few moments of aesthetic exaltation greater than "Gotta Light?," part 8 of 2017's season 3 of Twin Peaks. I swear the room actually became brighter a number of times during the episode, illuminated by the sheer brilliance of what I was seeing; I literally cried out in amazement and joy. For me, and many others, it remains one of the greatest moments of television to date, or any other type of cinematic art, for that matter.

In this Fangoria interview, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor talks about how he and the band came to perform in the roadhouse scene from that episode (as The Nine Inch Nails).

Then we flash-forward some years, and here comes Twin Peaks: The Return.

Yeah, when we got the call about Twin Peaks, the question was just, "Would you like to participate in Twin Peaks: The Return?" and the answer was, "Yes, of course!" and then he said, "I would like the band to be playing a show at the Roadhouse." No further information.

We didn't have a lot of time; it was maybe two, three weeks until [filming]. We were working on a piece that – and I haven't told anyone this – ultimately became the music for "This Isn't The Place," incorrectly thinking that he'd want something that was more … y'know, I was picturing Julee Cruise, something that was a bit more broken down or open and David Lynch-ish.

But when we turned the track in, he was comfortable enough with me to write or call me back and say, "Y'know, I'm looking for something a little less … this just isn't what I want. I want something that feels menacing and unpleasant." I think probably most of the people that were called [about performing in the Roadhouse] had the same thought we did, to go a little more Badalamenti-ish, something you'd expect to be playing in there.

So in about another day, we quickly turned around "She's Gone Away" and immediately got the response of, "Thank you, yes, this is exactly what I was looking for! Appreciate the extra effort!"

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