Utah Republican Karianne Lisonbee explains how women can control their semen intake

A recent statement by Utah Republican Karianne Lisonbee, a State Representative, went viral on Twitter. She explains that her support for the overturning of Roe does not mean she doesn't trust women to make decisions about their bodies. Instead, she has a ton of trust in women and their decisions about their bodies—she especially trusts women, as she explains, to "control when they allow a man to ejaculate inside of them."

As she says in the viral video:

[Some people are saying] "that I clearly don't trust women enough to make choices to control their own body, and my response is that I DO trust women enough to control when they allow a man to ejaculate inside of them. And to control that intake of semen. So that may be inflammatory, but I think that as a legislature, we have the responsibility to create a legal framework that is friendly in supporting rights."

After facing backlash on Twitter, she apologized for the statements, saying she really meant to say that her trust in women controlling their "intake of semen" doesn't apply in the case of rape:

"What I said in the press conference [yesterday] when referring to the message I received and my response to it did not reflect what I intended to express or the full content of my written reply which included the statement that women do not have a choice when they are raped, and have protections under Utah's trigger law," Ms. Lisonbee said in a text message to The Independent.