Space Camper for Tesla Cybertruck seems perfect for Burning Man luxurists

Space Camper is a new company rolling out a camper that mounts on the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck. I like the way the Cybertruck looks much more with this addition. It feels like a 1960s space age concept design for a futuristic car, or a kids' drawing of a lunar hot rod. The camper will reportedly cost $24,000.

From the press release:

Its electrical outlets, dimmable lights, induction cooktop, portable cooler, and water heater, among other accessories, are all compatible with Tesla's industry-leading battery pack for weeks of auxiliary camping power. Trek off the grid in confidence with a camper you can make your own.

Nearly every feature serves more than one purpose for a spacious and versatile build. The Murphy-Style bed is big enough for two and tucks out of the way for ample standing room with detachable hinges to become an exterior table. Bed extensions quickly transform into benches or work surfaces, and its built-in awning protects from the elements while putting the beauty of open spaces front and center.