Awkward silence after Fox News hosts recognize Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony as "powerful"

With statements like it'd be great to hear from Jim "Gym" Jordan, Fox News Bret Baier clearly reports from a different reality than I live in. After explaining that known liar and former US President, Donald J. Trump, took to his dodgy social media platform to whinge on about "powerful" sworn testimony by someone who clearly worked for him, the three Fox folk just awkwardly stare into space.

Crooks and Liars:

BRET BAIER: This testimony, first of all, is stunning, because we have not heard this. Two, it's compelling because of her proximity to power. All of these people directly having conversations with her. I think as we have seen before, it's methodical. We always point out the caveat, there is not a minority here that's pushing back or questioning the other way, but it leads up to January 6th.

This testimony was very compelling from beginning to end. She obviously had access to all of the players. We are now hearing from the former president on various posts where he questions her accuracy. He goes after her directly, says he doesn't know who she is, and said he didn't lunge at the Secret Service agent in the Beast, that didn't happen. He says he didn't throw his lunch against the wall, that didn't happen and that she's lying. Cassidy Hutchinson is under oath on Capitol Hill. The president is on Truth Social making his statements.

We always point out that there's not a pushback, and it would've been great to hear Jim Jordan or some congressman say some other angle to this, but the testament in and of itself is really, really powerful.