Kickstart this collection of Shakespeare-themed horror stories

Shakespeare Unleashed is a forthcoming anthology edited by James Aquilone that will feature horror stories and sonnets inspired by the work of William Shakespeare. There's also an accompanying comic book!

Verily, the book will consist of at least 20 horror short stories and 10 dark sonnets, with several interior illustrations — we'll add more if we raise enough money. … We got a little extra and decided also to do a separate Shakespeare Unleashed comic book! It will be a 22-page (possibly more) black-and-white manga-sized (5×7.5 in) book.The comic will have at least three stories and we're hoping to add more through stretch goals and even take submissions for content.

In addition to being a wonderful Venn diagram of my own interests, Shakespeare Unleashed will feature the work of some top-tier talent as well, including Joe R. Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, Ian Doescher, Cullen Bunn, and more.

You can get a digital copy of the comic for $8, or a digital version of the anthology for $12; print copies are $15 and $39 for a hardcover (respectively), or $50 for the comic and hardcover.

Shakespeare Unleashed [Kickstarter]