Rudy Giuliani crony Lev Parnas sentenced to 20 months imprisonment

Lev Parnas, one of the various blatant crooks with whom Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani associates, was today sentenced to 20 months imprisonment on fraud and campaign finance charges. The judge told him that fraud was his "way of life."

The criminal case against Parnas was not directly related to his work acting as a fixer for Giuliani as the former New York City mayor lobbied Ukrainian officials to launch an investigation of Biden's son, Hunter. Instead, it zeroed in on donations Parnas had illegally made to a number of U.S. politicians using the riches of a wealthy Russian to jump-start a legal recreational-marijuana business. In March, Parnas also pleaded guilty to a wire fraud conspiracy, admitting that he and a partner had given investors false information about a Florida-based business, Fraud Guarantee, that promised it could protect people against fraud. That new company hired Giuliani as a consultant

Parnas tried to get out of trouble by throwing Trump under the bus, but there was no bus.