The trailer for Hocus Pocus 2 is here

It's always interesting to see which films will ascend into the pantheon of cult classics. In the 90s, Disney had a penchant for cranking out gothic family films that have since become favorites. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas used stunning animation paired with the director's signature macabre style to create a movie that owns two whole months of the year. In addition to The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Disney Channel original movie Halloweentown also erected a cult fanbase around its offbeat, horror-centric premise.

While both Halloweentown and The Nightmare Before Christmas have capitalized on their fame- with copious sequels and officially licensed merchandise, respectively—Hocus Pocus, another beloved Disney "spooky" film, hasn't received nearly as much support from the house of mouse. Upon release, Hocus Pocus failed to generate any magic for Disney on the critical front, but in the subsequent decades, the movie has become iconic in feminist and queer circles. In the video linked above, the Sanderson sisters return for Hocus Pocus 2