Why does Daria means so much to millennials?

I couldn't stop watching Daria in the 90s. To give some perspective, I was a nine-years-old at the time. The commentary on how high school breeds social conformity and acerbic critiques around "being popular" couldn't have made much sense to me then, but even so, I couldn't stop watching it. I chalked it up to being a fan of animation- which definitely played a factor- and I even claimed it was because I was a Bevis and Butt-Head fan first. Still, there was something compelling about Daria that caused the show to become one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Daria captured the essence of the 90s in a way that few shows at the time could. 

In the video linked above, The Take's YouTube channel breaks down how Daria could encapsulate the energy and ethos of the 90s so perfectly. Moreover, the video explains why Daria is still a relevant piece of media today.