Why is Eminem's legacy in rap taking a hit?

Recently, Eminem released his new song titled The King and I, which will be featured on the soundtrack for Baz Lurhmann's Elvis film. Given the parallels between the two artists, the song was inevitable. Both men are titans in their fields but endured criticism pertaining to their white privilege in a Black medium. However, within the world of rap, Eminem's formerly unassailable legacy is slowly eroding. Artists like Snoop Dogg and The Game, who would formerly tout Em's greatness, have since become vocally critical about Silm Shady's placement on rap's Mount Rushmore. In addition to critiques from his progenitors and peers, Eminem's name prompts mockery from the younger generation of rap fans. 

Why is Eminem's legacy crumbling in real-time? There are a host of answers to the question, but the main reason Eminem has become a figure to revile in HipHop has virtually nothing to do with him. "It's your kids, Marshall. Something has got to be done about your kids." In the video linked above, Hip Hop Madness explains why the legions of artists influenced by Eminem have soured hip hop on its great white hope.