Beer made from recycled toilet water pleases Singapore suds sippers

I would have called it Royal Flush, but the brewers of a Singapore beer that uses recycled toilet water decided to call their new beverage NEWBrew. The manufacturer describes it as having  "a smooth, toasted honey-like aftertaste." Sounds like a pleasant way to get pissed.

From NDTV:

"I seriously couldn't tell this was made of toilet water," said Chew Wei Lian, 58, who had purchased the beer from a supermarket to try after hearing about it. "I don't mind having it if it was in the fridge. I mean, it tastes just like beer, and I like beer."

In all fairness, every beverage you drink has countless water molecules that have been in human and animal urine. I have no doubt the NEWBrew is purer than Rocky Mountain spring water.