Corrupt Ukrainian oligarch, a close associate of Rudy Giuliani and funder of Kevin McCarthy, sentenced to federal prison yesterday

Why would a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch want to make illegal contributions to US politicians, including House minority leader Kevin McCarthy? The GOP doesn't seem to care who Lev Parnas paid as long as the money flowed in. Besides, Parnas was a close associate of America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani, working closely with him to try to smear Hunter Biden, which cemented his reputation as being above reproach.

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken sentenced Parnas to a scant 20 months in federal prison for running a fraudulent. He also fined him $2.3 million, chump change for the corrupt tycoon. His lawyer says Parnas has been working lately as a nighttime DoorDash delivery person.

From Washington Post:

Oetken ordered Parnas, who pocketed at least $2 million from the fraud scheme,to pay $2.3 million in restitution. It is unclear if he will be able to do so. Defense lawyer Joseph Bondy said at the sentencing that Parnas — who appeared in court with his wife and infant daughter — has "most recently" been working as a nighttime DoorDash delivery person.

Bondy asked Oetken to treat his client with leniency because he complied with congressional subpoenas, but the judge declined to do so. "What's exceptional is that other people refused to comply," he said.

From CNN:

Parnas sobbed while he apologized to victims moments before he was handed the sentence.

"These are all people that are my friends. These are all people that trusted me and I lied to them," Parnas told the court .

"Parnas will now serve time in prison for his many crimes. Not content to defraud investors in his business, Fraud Guarantee, out of more than $2 million dollars, Parnas also defrauded the American public by pumping Russian money into US elections and lying about the source of funds for political contributions," Damian Williams, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a statement.