Proud Boys disrupt "Rainbow Storytime" at an Indiana library

A bunch of hate mongers disrupted "Rainbow Storytime" at a South Bend, Indiana library. Police eventually convinced the white supremacists to leave, however not before enough families had given up on storytime to see it postponed.

South Bend Tribune:

A video posted by the Proud Boys appeared to depict the incident and begins by showing six men and their videographer walk into the library and stand in the middle of a room where staff were preparing for the Rainbow Storytime event. The event was set for 5 p.m. on Monday.

The men then accost a librarian setting up a whiteboard with questions about why she's indoctrinating children with "sexuality."

"You're grooming these children's minds," one of the Proud Boys said. "This is our region and we will not have that in our region."

A library patron then enters and begins debating with the group before a manager asks the group to leave. The group doesn't and other staff and patrons come talk to and argue with the group for 20 to 30 minutes. One woman enters, identifies herself as a mother and also criticizes the event. Eventually, South Bend police officers show up and tell the group they can't interfere the event.

Proud Boys members repeatedly deny disrupting the event, while also repeating the contradictory statement that they will not permit the event to take place.