The VacOne Air Brewer Uses Vacuum Pressure To Make Perfect Coffee Every Time

For years coffee experts have recommended pourover as the best way to make coffee at home. But now, thanks to an ingenious design that was recently perfected, the traditional pourover has some serious competition. If you're the kind of person who thinks life is too short for bad coffee, say hello to the all-new VacOne Air Brewer

The VacOne Air Brewer looks a lot like a traditional pourover brewer. And for the person making the coffee, it is functionally very similar. All you do is grind your coffee, put it in the brewer, and add hot water. But that's where the similarities end. 

A traditional pourover brewer uses gravity to push water down through the coffee grounds and extract the chemical compounds that give coffee its rich, complex flavor. However, the VacOne brewer has a mechanical air pump that creates a vacuum inside the carafe. 

Image via VacOne

When you push the button, the vacuum pulls the water down, applying an additional 7 psi of pressure to the grounds. This additional pressure allows for much better extraction of the desired chemical compounds inside the coffee while leaving the bitter oils and acidic foam behind. The result is a clean, lively cup of coffee that some experts say is better than any other method they've tried. 

With the VacOne air brewer, you don't need any specialty filters. It comes with a reusable fine metal mesh filter that removes any hint of sediment. And don't be deterred by the idea of a "mechanical air pump." A single charge (via included USB cable) is good for 100 cups of coffee. And the entire VacOne setup is 100-percent waterproof and requires no maintenance. To clean it, just dump the grounds in the compost bin and rinse the brewing unit under running water. 

Of course, the coolest thing about the VacOne is that it doesn't just make outstanding hot coffee. It also makes great cold brew—and in record time. Usually, cold brew takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for a satisfactory extraction. However, with its added vacuum pressure, the VacOne can perform a cold extraction in just a few minutes.

Image via VacOne

For hot coffee, just add 25g (four scoops using the included scooper) of finely ground coffee to the VacOne brewer, add hot water, stir, and steep for 30 seconds, then press the extract button. For cold brew, add 32g (five scoops) of finely ground coffee, add room temperature water, stiff and steep for four minutes. Then press the extract button. It's unbelievably easy. 

Right now, the VacOne air brewer can brew up to 14oz of coffee at one time, good for one xl coffee or two small coffees. It comes with the brewer, a hand-made borosilicate glass carafe, a reusable mesh filter, a measuring scoop, a silicone coaster, a stirring stick, and a USB charging cable. And unlike the fabled Clover coffee machines, which also use vacuum pressure for coffee extraction—and can't be purchased because the patent is owned by a certain global megachain—the VacOne is available for anyone to purchase for just $89

So if you're looking for an affordable way to take your coffee game to the next level, the VacOne is a must. Click here to order yours