Check out this horrible retro commercial for Donkey Kong Jr

Ya know, people forget that the Donkey Kong Nintendo uses today isn't the same Kong from the original 1981 game. That's right, the titular Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong Country is actually Donkey Kong Jr. I can't believe how many times I've written Donkey Kong in these first couple of sentences. No wonder Nintendo doesn't make as many games with this character as with Mario and Link. You gotta give points for brevity, folks. 

Anyway, it's an obscure fact, but somehow it surfaced up in the scattered Trivial Pursuit deck that I call my brain the other day. Eventually, it quickly dawned on me; I had never played Donkey Kong Jr. Moreover, I couldn't even remember what Donkey Kong Jr. was about. I mean, obviously, the name was a dead giveaway, but that didn't help me ascertain how the game functioned. 

In my research, I stumbled across this commercial that flooded me with a wave of nostalgia- despite never experiencing the game. I guess the commercial's style featured in the video above resonated with me. So, to that end, I hope it resonates with you and helps you flashback to a simpler time too. We could all use a fun little escape with how batty things have gotten.