Cops in Woodland, Ca., stand by as "Proud Boys" try to force their way into drag show

If you're wondering who can try to kick in the door of a bar hosting an all-ages drag show while cops stand feet away, watching and doing nothing, the answer is sadly obvious: "Proud Boys."

The cops were so close to the action that they ended up eating the pepper spray used by security guards to fend off the attackers. KCRA reports no arrests were made, and the event was canceled.

The owner of Mojo's Lounge and Bar had canceled the event earlier in the evening due to safety concerns. Threats toward the venue and performers scheduled to be at the event had been circulating on social media for several weeks after details were picked up by a hateful group on social media, according to the owner. "There's just a lot of mixed emotions about how great the night was to begin with and how much fun everyone had. It was so good to see people so happy and then to see the exact opposite. People were scared. People were angry. People were really upset, " said Christy Hayes, owner of Mojo's Lounge and Bar. "This isn't what we wanted."

Here's an officer who knows what the real problem is: