Texas state education board rejects proposal to call slavery "involuntary relocation"

I would have expected Texas to make this worse, but once the ridiculous rebranding of slavery was brought to their attention, the Texas State Board of Education pushed back. In the name of protecting the children, it appears Texas nor Florida desire to teach history accurately.

Texas Tribune:

The suggested change surfaced late during its June 15 meeting that lasted more than 12 hours. Board member Aicha Davis, a Democrat who represents Dallas and Fort Worth, brought up concerns to the board saying that wording is not a "fair representation" of the slave trade. The board, upon reading the language in the suggested curriculum, sent the working draft back for revision.

"For K-2, carefully examine the language used to describe events, specifically the term 'involuntary relocation,'" the state board wrote in its guidance to the work group.

"I can't say what their intention was, but that's not going to be acceptable," Davis told The Texas Tribune on Thursday. In 2015, Texas attracted attention when it was discovered a social studies textbook approved for use in the state called African slaves who were brought to the United States, "workers"