The wandering violin mantis looks like a creature from another planet

Hive Mother shows off her pet Wandering Violin Mantis, a remarkable insect that looks like a dried leaf and a twig.

From Wikipedia:

Characterized by extremely slender limbs with large appendages, it is not a particularly aggressive species and often kept as a pet, by hobbyists. The mantis is especially known for swaying its body back and forth to imitate a stick flowing in the wind. It primarily feeds on flying insects. Its native range is in southern India and Sri Lanka. It can reach up to 11 cm (4.3 in) long. The males of the species are capable of flight. They are a communal species, in that they are able to live and breed in large groups, without unnecessary cannibalism.

Here's another look at this mantis performing its "sway to imitate a plant moving in the wind":

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