This new whiskey has crabs

New Hampshire-based Tamworth Distilling has just released a new whiskey that's been invaded by crabs. Crab Trapper is a four-year-old bourbon base that's been mixed with a stock made from eight spices and thousands of green crabs. The invasive crustaceans have been causing some problems throughout the New England coast, so what better way to deal with them than to get drunk off of 'em?

From Business Insider:

Green crabs thrive in New England's climate-change-warmed ocean waters. The invasive species is known to be a quicker and more aggressive predator than local New England crabs: One green crab eats 40 clams a day and lays more than 185,000 eggs a year, per Ocean River Institute. With their voracious appetites, green crabs are causing a decline in the native seafood population, per the NOAA Fisheries

A 200mL bottle of the stuff goes for around $65; the crab and spices supposedly make it taste like a brinier version of the popular Fireball cinnamon whiskey. The distillery has also experimented with liquors infused with beaver anal glands, corpse flowers, and other exotic ingredients.

An American distillery is turning invasive green crabs into whiskey, and people say it tastes like a 'briny Fireball' [Katie Boon / Insider]