What is this bizarre and nightmarish mystery creature photographed on an Egyptian beach?

Andrea Jud was wandering on a beach at Gabr el-Bint, Egypt when she spotted this nightmarish creature around 40 feet from the water. She posted the image to a marine animal group on Facebook where one person commented that it appears to be a baby Loch Ness Monster. Obviously that can't be true as Scotland is thousands of miles away. Based on the photo above, the site suggest that the monster's frightening chompers may hold a clue. From News.com.au:

Moray eels have a second set of jaws within their throat – and when a fish is caught within the main jaws – this second set launches forwards, dragging the prey back to be swallowed.

If it is a moray, the harsh Egyptian sun might have scorched it beyond easy recognition.

In any case, how the creature died – and how it ended up so far beyond the surf – remains a mystery.