These Stranger Things sex toys could bring a little fun to your Upside Down

Sex toy company Bad Dragon recently released a new dildo based on the infamous Demogorgon from Stranger Things:

Bad Dragon®'s Demogorgon is a wild fantasy dildo creation straight out of your nightmares (or dreams?)!

The Demogorgon is a marvel of handmade design, boasting pleasant textures, a gentle yet pronounced curve well crafted for amazing g-spot stimulation and a delightfully horrifying base that ensures a white knuckle grip.

Go on a journey that will turn your erotic world upside down and add the Demogorgon to your Bad Dragon® toy collection!

It's also available in a variety of colors and firmnesses, to better suit your personal upside-down.

If a dildo doesn't work for your specific needs, Fleshlight also teased a Demogorgon Fleshlight:

Alas, I could not find a buy link for that one, for better or for worse.