Listen to this fun 8-Track tape podcast!

Yes, cassettes are back. So are reel-to-reels. But of all the dead audio media, it seems unlikely that we'll see any mainstream return of 8-tracks. They're big, clunky, and songs are frequently interrupted with a loud ca-chunk due to the way the content was split across the tape. The format peaked around 1978, and by 1983 had been swept into the dustbin of audio history. But as with most any retro tech, there are those who are compelled keep the dream alive. Bill Mesnik is one such committed 8-track collector and he kindly shares his favorites on a fun podcast called "Captain Billy's Magic 8 Ball." The audio selections are interesting and ultra-eclectic—recent episodes featured 8-track from Etta James, George Carlin, Edwin Starr, and Alex North—but what really makes the podcast are Bill's narration, contextualization, and infectious enthusiasm. Dig it!

("Captain Billy's Magic 8 Ball" alternates episodes with "Put On A Stack of 45s," Bill's other podcast focused on 7" singles that he co-hosts with Rich Buckland.) Listen here: