The 18-foot Fremont Troll of Seattle, Washington

The Fremont Troll of Seattle Washington is located under the Aurora Ave. Bridge at N. 36th Street. This large fellow was created on Halloween of 1990 by a house builder named Steve Badanes and his friends. The troll was Steve's first sculpture ever, and it turned out pretty darn cool. The troll is 18 feet tall and is holding a mangled, old-fashioned Beetle car in his left hand. 

Odd happenings have been linked to the troll every few years since its creation, bringing the troll into the news spotlight.

From Roadside America:

"In 1998, for example, a man shot a bus driver and ran the bus off the Aurora bridge, crashing on top of an apartment building adjacent to the troll — for a while you could still see evidence of the impact. In late 2013 over a dozen bloody sheep skulls mysteriously appeared in a yard adjacent to the troll, perhaps the remains of its midnight snack." The troll is free to visit, but if you're superstitious, proceed with caution.