Save 20% this 4th of July on a roto-molder cooler for your outdoor activities

Plan on spending the day outside? Whether you're at the pool, beach, lakefront, camping, or in your backyard, you'll need a reliable cooler to keep your water and other essential beverages nice and cold. However, not just any cooler will do. You need something durable, heavy-duty, and insulated to ensure everything from water and beer to fruit and raw meats stay nice and cold. No one wants to open up their cooler on a hot day to their water bottles and other produce floating around in melted ice water, let alone bacteria buildup from spoiled food.

The Cobalt 25QT Roto-Molded Super Cooler is a lunch-box-style cooler that can fit into tight spaces but is still large enough for most day trip-type adventures. It weighs in at 14lbs and is less than 19 inches in length. However, it's about 20% lighter than traditional roto-molded coolers, so no more struggling on walks from the car to the beach, camping spot, or poolside!

This cooler is designed with no-fail hinges, easy-close lock-down latches, and a lockable lid with a bottle opener. So it's ideal when you want to pack the cooler with ice-cold beer for those hot summer days and don't have a bottle opener nearby. And during travel, it will stay put thanks to its non-skid feet, so you won't have to worry about it sliding around the trunk. The Cobalt also has a simple, rapid drain system for convenience along with removable tether handles for carrying.

Moreover, this cooler can retain ice for up to five days! That means you can leave your drinks inside overnight, preventing the need to pack and unpack after each beach day. 

You can score the Cobalt 25QT Roto-Molded Super Cooler for 20% off today when you use coupon code JULY20 at checkout, costing you just $119.99. The sale ends July 5, so get on it and prepare for your next outdoor adventure!

Prices subject to change.