Save over $160 off a small projector which packs a big punch

Let's be honest. Few things are as eye-catching as watching an image projected on a wide screen. A good projector can liven up a backyard party, make movie night more fun, or even act as a great television replacement. Additionally, projectors can transform a dull, blank wall into a work of art.

The only unfortunate thing about a projector is that they can be cumbersomely inconvenient and awkward to carry around, thus making them much better in theory than in actual practicality. Luckily that problem has been handled with Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector, which is designed to make projecting your favorite content a more realistic goal.

The Wemax Go is an ultra-thin projector with patented ALPD Laser Technology and super bright 300 ANSI Lumens. It's miniaturized into an ultra-portable device that fits in your pocket, and it also comes with built-in Wi-Fi, so you never have to worry about tangled cables or a messy table setup. In addition, this projector offers broad connective compatibility thanks to an HDMI port, built-in Wi-Fi, USB, and a Type-C port. Finally, it has built-in smart eye protection so that the light reflects off the projector screen instead of being beamed directly into your eyes.

With a product that fires on all cylinders like Wemax Go, it's to be expected that the reviews are incredible, and they are! One verified Amazon customer shared, "It has amazing picture quality! Far better than the faded or fuzzy display quality I'm used to from projectors. Everything is bright, clear, and vibrant!" Another reviewer particularly enjoyed the projector's brightness, stating, "The picture quality is astounding given the size of the device. 300 lumens doesn't sound that bring considering most home systems are 2000+ lumens, however it is easy to see a mid-size screen (55-ish inches) inside with full daylight coming into a room full of windows."

You can now purchase Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector for just $429.99, which is marked down 28% from its MSRP of $599.

Prices subject to change.