Florida man fails to steal R2D2

A gentleman in Florida claims to have been testing Disney security in an attempt to prove his worth as a future security guard. Certainly, this lack of good sense will impress someone in his home state.

SF Gate:

According to deputies, the 44-year-old Kissimmee resident was discovered acting suspiciously in the lobby of the Swan Reserve Hotel on May 31; the hotel is owned and operated by Marriott but is located on the grounds of the Disney World Resort. When hotel security approached the man, he was allegedly pushing a cart containing the Stars Wars droid and wearing a Disney nametag with the name "David" on it. He nonetheless appeared lost, and sheriff's deputies were called to the scene.

The man told them he was a Disney World employee but couldn't locate the employee locker rooms, deputies say, leading them on a wander around the Boardwalk area until he was eventually asked to show them the ID in his wallet. No such employee was found in Disney records, deputies say.

The man then allegedly claimed he submitted a job application with Disney World security and had been stealing items to "show weaknesses in the security of the resorts." Deputies say they have linked him to thefts at Fort Wilderness, the Boardwalk resorts and the Grand Floridian, all Disney properties. According to deputies, they found some of the missing items, including light fixtures and a towel cabinet, in the man's home.