John Oliver freaks out over creepy dolls that have been washing up on Texas beaches

In this hilarious and undeniably creepy Last Week Tonight web exclusive, John Oliver goes full Freddie freak out over a bizarre and unexplained (cough: guerilla art prank) phenomenon of plastic baby dolls and doll parts washing up on South Texas beaches.

Thirty dolls have been retrieved to date. Covered in seaweed, sea life, strange markings, and more, the dolls are nightmare fuel to be sure. And Oliver is having none of it. At the end of the segment, he offers to buy all of the remaining dolls (some have already been snatched up by collectors of the macabre) so "these pieces of shit" can be properly and completely destroyed and returned to the hellhole from whence they came. The money will be donated to the Mission-Aransas Reserve's sea turtle fund.