One Piece: Odyssey looks epic

It seems almost too impossible to believe, but One Piece is gearing up for its final saga. The series, which has been running for nearly three decades, is known for its quality and staggering length. Clocking in at 1000 plus chapters in the manga and equally as many anime episodes, fans who might be curious about One Piece are frequently scared off by the series' immense and intimidating length. From personal experience, it's been an uphill battle to get my friends and family into One Piece. I often attest to the series' sterling quality and masterful execution, but that doesn't negate the massive time investment One Piece demands. 

Maybe, there's a better way. Is it possible that the One Piece games can serve as a better trailer for the series than just word of mouth alone? The last major One Piece game, World Seeker, was an enthralling love letter to the series that allowed prospective fans a chance to play in the show's sandbox without too much commitment. In the trailer linked above, One Piece: Odyessy looks to take World Seeker's baton by presenting an enchanting world that could entice casual fans to read the series.