Watch animals getting chiropractic adjustments

Letting YouTube's algorithm serve up shorts feels like hitting the SCAN button on the car radio, and letting serendipity guide one down the digital rabbit hole ended for me at the "Animal Cracker: Dr. Doug Willen," which as of this writing sits at 174K subscribers. 

The thing with the 2021 crop of chiropractor videos was the saccharine scripted feelings as people seemed to transcend human consciousness for a second or two as a side effect of the adjustment with emotions spanning the gamut; however, with animals, it feels like there's less of that scripted nature.

Watching the full-length YouTube videos shows the full process from diagnosis to adjustment, replete with happy reactions, easier postures, and grateful licks, like this video of 17-year-old Harley:

Pigs, dogs, cats, horses. You name it, and this guy will put his hands on it and by the end of the video multiple animals (if you count the owners, the Animal Cracker himself, and your humble narrator as animals) are going to be sated.