Dancing Nathan is the new canine sensation

Even before the adorable Chiweenie-with-the-overbite Tuna arrived on the "dogs of the internet" scene in late 2012, Nathan was already dancing his way into our hearts.

Dancing Nathan is a 14-year-old Chinese Crested who was adopted in 2011 from the Bald is Beautiful rescue organization in Greenville, SC, by Tina Hicks. Once Nathan arrived at her home, Tina began noticing how much he loved wiggling and shimmying in one particular green chair — perhaps he was scratching his back? She began filming him doing the funny moves, and he earned his nickname "Dancing Nathan."

He's not just scratching his back, though. Ellen Westkaemper, the foster home coordinator for Bald is Beautiful, stated, "It really is dancing. It's what comes natural to him."

Nathan's been dancing ever since and has carved out quite a following on his various social media pages, including Instagram and TikTok. One of my favorite videos is Nathan dancing while Grandma Tillie (who turns 93 on July 20!) accompanies him on the accordion, playing her signature song, "Just a bowl of butterbeans."