Georgia Guidestone update: "Satanic monument struck down by God"

Kandiss Taylor, who recently lost the Republican primary for Governor of the state of Georgia, is thrilled that the Georgia Guidestones have been destroyed. When running for Governor, she released several Executive Orders that she planned to implement on her first day of office. Executive Order 10 was to "Demolish the Satanic Georgia Guidestones." The Executive Order reads:

  • For decades, the Global Luciferian Regime has seeped its way into our Government.
  • They demoralized us with humiliation rituals as they tore down our historical monuments, persecuted our children, locked us down in our homes, and forced us into becoming walking science experiments through a global vaccination program.
  • They erected statues spelling out the exact plans they had for us, and today we the people of Georgia, say no more.
  • It's time for us to return the favor.
  • On my first day as Governor of Georgia, I will move to DEMOLISH the Demonic plans of our enemy. The Satanic agenda is NOT welcome in our state.
  • Support my fight by contributing, and watch as I turn the Georgia Guidestones into dust!

And, now that someone has bombed the Guidestones — Georgia Bureau of Investigation has just released a video of the bombing, which includes a car driving away — Kandiss Taylor is thrilled! But according to QAnon-loving Taylor and her followers, the monument wasn't actually bombed. Instead, the monument was struck down by God. Taylor wrote on her Facebook page:

While some people commenting on her post told Taylor that she was utterly delusional, many others supported her position, proclaiming sentiments such as, "Yes!!! Praise Jesus! You are moving to bring light to the darkness!!!" and "As soon as I read your post about that on Telegram this morning I got chills. God is definitely working. We have to keep praying because prayer is are [sic] greatest weapon." And one supporter even made their own video "proving" that the monument was struck by lightning, NOT bombed. Creator Daniel Cannon describes the video: "Here included is PROOF that in fact it was LIGHTNING aka An Act of GOD that took out the georgia guidestones." Here's the link, if you have the fortitude to sit through 9 minutes of grainy, utterly unintelligible footage that "proves" absolutely nothing.