Sicko Tucker Carlson is fascinated with Nancy Pelosi's cleavage

Tucker Carlson's mommy issues are flaring up again. The perpetually petulant Fox commentator — whose artist mom sadly abandoned him at age six — has blamed "lecturing" women on mass shootings and fears that Covid will "feminize" (as in weaken) him. Now he is criticizing Nancy Pelosi for not wearing a collar-high prairie dress when visiting the beach.

"We're going to go out tonight by singeing your retinas with a photograph …" the outraged Carlson said, displaying a close-up image of Pelosi in a bathing suit, which she dared to wear at a beach in Italy over the weekend.

"Soak it in, ladies and gentlemen," he said sarcastically, exposing his little-boy fascination with an older woman's cleavage. "Close your eyes as you try to go to sleep tonight and try to get that image out of your head — if you can." We all know what Carlson will be dreaming about every night this week.