Waffle House has its own record label and the songs are in the restaurant jukeboxes

I grew up in central Louisiana, went to college in Jackson, Mississippi, and attended grad school in Athens, GA. If you've spent time in any of these places, or anywhere else in the Deep South, you've no doubt seen the bright yellow WAFFLE HOUSE signs, or, if you're lucky, you've eaten at one and enjoyed their special hash browns smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, and/or capped. Ah, Waffle House! Some of my favorite memories of Waffle House are from when I lived in Athens, as there was one right down the street from my apartment, and friends and I used to stop in for early morning breakfast after going out downtown. We'd sit and eat and play songs on the jukebox — and challenge each other to find the weirdest songs possible. One song that I'll never forget is the classic "Waffle House Family," by Mary Welch Rogers, which was released in 1984.

It wasn't until recently that I found out that all the songs on the Waffle House Jukeboxes are actually created by Waffle Records, which is the in-house record label for Waffle House. As the Waffle House Facebook page explains, "In 1984, Waffle Records released its first single, 'Waffle House Family' and each year since we bring you brand new songs to enhance your Waffle House dining experience."

Great Big Story explains that (as of 2018) there are 47 songs on the Waffle House Jukebox — all of which have something to do with visiting Waffle House, eating at Waffle House, or various foods at Waffle House. Some of the hits include, "There are Raisins in my Toast," and "Last Night I saw Elvis at the Waffle House."

Great Big Story goes on to state:

If you've spent time in the American South, there's nothing quite as iconic as the black and yellow signs leading to the Waffle House. While you're chowing down on pecan waffles and grits, you might be treated to a sweet sweet serenade all about waffles, eggs or even raisin toast. The beloved restaurant chain has its own record label that creates songs unique to the Waffle House experience. Waffle Records has been releasing jams like "Cooking Up Your Order" and "Special Lady at the Waffle House" available at Waffle House jukeboxes across the U.S.

If country-style Waffle House songs aren't your thing, you might enjoy this video which features more of a pop-punk inspired love song about a Waffle House classic: Bert's chili. 

Waffle Records also hosts an awards show every year, the "Waffle House Tunies," which celebrates that year's top played Waffle House Jukebox artists. Additionally, Waffle Records identifies and promotes a "Scattered, Smothered, and DISCOVERED Artist of the Year," as a way to "continue supporting the journey of aspiring musicians. In 2021 Waffle Records' DISCOVERED artists was Kim Cruse, an R&B artist from Woodville, Texas, whose featured video you can view here