World's thinnest mechanical watch costs $1,888,000 and has a picture of a horsey

If you're in the market for a mechanical wristwatch no thicker than a quarter, get in line behind the Eastern European oligarchs, unicorn VC bros, and Middle Eastern oil tycoons willing to pay $1,888,000 for the Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari.

Don't dilly-dally, though, only 150 are available. It probably isn't as accurate as the $15 Casio Classic, but it has a picture of the Ferrari horse.

From Hodinkee:

The RM UP-01 Ferrari, announced today, is the new standard by which razor-thin watchmaking is measured. This new ultra-thin timepiece is a mere 1.75mm in thickness beating out Bulgari by a walloping 0.05mm.

Unlike Bulgari (and past record-holder Piaget), RM has assembled the entire movement, itself just 1.18mm thick, into the case – instead of the caseback doubling as a baseplate which is the usual procedure. The ultra-flat Calibre RMUP-01 features hours, minutes, seconds, and a function selector all spread across the broad, impossibly thin, case design. The movement plate used for this watch is skeletonized and underwent a litany of strength tests which allow it to withstand accelerations of over 5,000 Gs.